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Port Alexander

[Map of Port Alexander]
Port Alexander is a thriving metropolis on the East coast of the United States of America. It is a thoroughly modern city with skyscrapers and the headquarters of many world-class corporations.

It is a port city, with ships arriving and departing regularly to and from all points of the globe. The harbor is large and well-sheltered from storms. The James river is large, deep and swift. It is navigable for some fifty or sixty miles upriver, and barges can often be seen heading up and down the river.

Midtown (Port Alexander on the map) Midtown is the business center of Port Alexander. Offices and corporate headquarters abound, as well as many of the city's major governmental and cultural institutions.

Points of Interest:

Old Town

To the north of the James River (named after the explorer who found the harbor), is Old Town. The separation between Old Town and new Port Alexander is substantially more than simply geographical. Old Town is where the rich and famous of Port Alexander live and play. Skyscrapers give way to stately mansions, and condos on golf courses.

Points of Interest:

Commerce City


To the south of Port Alexander proper, and extending inland, is the industrial district -- Commerce City. Many heavy industries are located here, quite a few of which have their corporate offices in Midtown Port Alexander.

On the point of the harbor, on the south side, in Commerce City is a ghetto area, the Ramparts, or 'Parts, named after the Revolutionary War era fort that once stood there guarding access to the harbor. The docks begin just West of the 'Parts, in the harbor proper. The 'Parts are often patrolled by Ka-Sador and Defender, while The Wanderer seems to concentrate somewhat on the docks.

Points of Interest:

The Portrail

The subway, the "PortRail", runs throughout Port Alexander, extends tentatively into the reaches of Old Town, races for some distance into Commerce City, and stretches some nine or ten miles inland (often connecting with "Park and Ride" stations, with large parking lots, where commuters can leave their cars and ride into the city proper.

Last Updated 15 April 2002