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Campaign Guidelines

  1. Game Time and "Turns"
  2. Writing Style

Game Time and "Turns""

I've never quite figured out how any kind of "Turn" can be more than marginally useful in an RPG. There are some exceptions, of course, such as combat, but mostly I'm not sure it's a great concept. I prefer to let things move at their natural pace, with occasional prodding.

Having said that, let me contradict myself and give some guidelines about turns in this campaign.

In general, there are three basic kinds of time in the campaign: combat, adventure, and weekly. Both combat and weekly time will be sort of turn-like, for different reasons. Adventure time is not likely to be turn-like, but rather conversation-like.

Combat Time
At the start of each round, I'll roll initiative and inform everyone of the results. If the bad guys win, I'll also give you their initial actions or lack thereof. When the player's turn comes up, I'll ask for your actions. You should give me as much information as you can, including conditionals if necessary, so I can process as much of the round as possible before coming back for more info.

Fortunately, GH combat is pretty straightforward, so even if we find ourselves in complex situations where conditionals would be silly, we'll be able to move pretty quickly.

Oh, and your actions should be sent to me alone, not to the list. This may be changed if you develop powers or skills that allow you to co- ordinate your actions better. I would just like to keep as much in the pipe as possible so we don't bog down.

Adventure Time
Unless you're fighting, any time in the adventure is adventure time. Any activities which are either taken as a group, or which would be known to the group, and the like, can simply take place on the mailing list (

Especially when you are planning or talking, just ramble on freely on the list, and I'll watch, and when you've decided what to do I'll start Supervising again.

I would expect most of the stuff to go over the mailing list. The only things which really wouldn't, would be things that one of you would like to keep secret, or that I think should be kept secret. Whether this includes secret ID stuff is up to you. (If you guys want to be voyeurs into each other's Secret ID lives, even if your characters don't know each other's IDs, that's fine by me.)

Weekly Time
This is more turn based, since there should be less character interaction. This is when DUPs are spent, and individual actions take place.

I'm a believer in down time between adventures, so this will happen pretty regularly.

During the down time, I will want people to get stuff in quickly and in discrete chunks (weekly turns?), so I can run it through and we can move along.

Of course, none of this is set in stone at all. These are just my thoughts at the moment, and they will probably change as the campaign begins moving and we develop a style that suits us all.

Writing Style

It is my intention to post the results of this PBeM campaign on this web-site. In order to make my life as easy as possible when htmlizing various mail messages, I'd like to make a few suggestions concerning format for mail. These are just suggestions, mind, not requirements - although they are pretty strong suggestions; the more editing I have to do the less fun I'm having. These guidelines are really only for in-game discussions and things, not for out of game things like telling me your combat actions or what have you.

Following those two guidelines insures a more or less consistent style and lets me drop postings onto the website with a minimum of trouble.