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The Para-Normal Detention Facility

The Para-Normal Detention Facility (PNDF) is the premiere penitentiary and high-security hospital for super-powered criminals and para-normals.

Despite the resources devoted to the PNDF, breakouts and escapes are common, since "super-villains" are by their very nature difficult to quantify and counteract. Still, the PNDF does a better job than any other institution in the world.

The PNDF is located in the mountains East of Goldwood Springs. It is hidden away in an inaccessible region, and is not listed on maps. Military style checkpoints guard the only land access route.

The PNDF is administered by the International Paranormal Activities Committee (IPAC -- pronounced "Eye-Pack")

Residents of the PNDF are:

Updated 18 January 2001