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Side Trip Five, Football

Deputy Mayor Rick "The Bull" Adams told his secretary to get Dutchman star Running Back Ric Leaf on the line. After the usual pleasantries, Adams arranged to meet with Leaf at a sports bar near the stadium.

"Hey, it's the Bull. How you doing, man?" asked Ric Leaf, when Rick Adams arrived.

"Doing better every day. What about you?" Rick replied.

"Well, could be better, man," Leaf shook his head. "What you drinkin'?" Leaf ordered Adams' cranberry juice and a beer for himself. "Could be better, but you knew that, right?"

"Yea, I heard there was some trouble," Rick said as he takes a sip of his juice. "So you want to tell me what happened and if there is anything I might be able to do?"

"Thanks for the offer, Bull, but ... I screwed up, that's all there is to it, man." The Dutchman running back took a pull on his beer. "She kept pushin' and pushin', getting in at me, ya know? I snapped, and I guess I sort of slapped her a couple of times."

Leaf shook his head, "Now she's got a restraining order, I can't even go back to my house. I know ... I know," he held up a hand. "There was no reason for me to hit her. But when my temper gets going ... I just, you know, lose it."

Adams said, "Well You better keep that temper under control off the field. The city should have some kind of stress or anger management program. You want me to see if I can get you a spot? I can guarantee that it won't be fun but it will look good to the court when your date comes around. Hell, it won't hurt your marriage either." Rick volunteereed, "If not we can drop the subject and you can bring me up to date on the team."

Leaf thought for a moment, "Yeah, I guess so. I mean, I do love her, ya know? Yeah. Sign me up." Leaf took another slug of beer. "Now, we can talk about the team!"

Last Updated 27 April 2000