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Interlude Seven point Three, The White Knight does Some Research

The White Knight sat down in front of the computer and opened the metal box the Wanderer had rescued from the wreckage of the research platform. Inside were several rows of diskettes, each neatly labeled with a date.

The Knight popped one into the computer and ran a format identification utility. "Great," he thought, "standard 'ext2' filesystem. So let's mount it and see what we can find." He bent to his task.

A few hours later, and he reviewed what he had learned: the disks contained navigational data for the research platform, cross-referenced with simple GPS data, and the results of a bottom-sounding sonar scan.

He thought for a moment, then ran a plotting program. When it was done, he reviewed the maps. One thing jumped out at him. There was a ridge of some sort, running out from the shore that looked pretty darn straight. Parts of it were obscured by other features of the seabed, but there seemed to something like a straight line pointing to Port Alexander and then out to sea. He cheked the data to see if he could trace it all the way in to shore, but the data cut off quite a ways out to sea, since it only covered the area underneath the platform.

He extrapolated the data and extended the line back toward the shore; the line passed right through Port Alexander. He leaned back and considered.

	*		*		*		*
Looking at the reports sitting on his desk waiting for his approval, Rick realized that he needed to check in with the White Knight.

"If only I could use my secretary to help out." Rick thought to himself. "My plate is getting mighty full."

Closing the folder in front of him, Rick unlocked a file drawer and pulled out a different one. Picking up the phone he dialed the White Knight.

*ring* *ring*... *ring* *ring*... *ring* *ri-* *click*... "Greetings Citizen! This is the White Knight, how may I assist you?"

"WK, It's Fervor." The hero spoke into the receiver. "Don't worry, it's not an emergency. Just wondering if you were able to do anything with that hard drive yet."

"Hi Fervor. So far all I have been able to determine is that it contains navigational data from the platform, cross referenced with sonar soundings. I'm checking for any unusual anomalies at the moment. I can email you have a copy of my current results if you want. By the way, I think I have a way of contacting Mystic or Wanderer if we need to call on their help again."

"No, I don't think a copy would do me much good. It would be greek to me anyway." Fervor replies. "I'm just hoping to make some headway. There is still the occasional tremor and I'm not sure how natural or dangerous it might be."

"I noticed. I'm cross-referencing all the recorded tremors over the last few months, to see if there is a pattern emerging. I just hope they aren't being caused by giant subterranean 'graboids'... Sorry, just been watching 'Tremors' on the VCR, great movie!... Anything else I can do for you Fervor?"

Last Updated 28 June 2000