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Interlude Twentyseven point One, IPAC and PC Go to Work

IPAC Grills Dave

The results of the interrogation of Dave were released to the Protectors within two days.

Saruva needed the women for some purpose that Dave was unaware of, although it involved their pregnancies. Dave was bringing blood samples to Saruva for analysis and if the tests gave the results Saruva needed, Dave instructed Dr. Carlson to release the woman from the Wander-No-More House. Jackal and Cheetah would then kidnap them.

Carlson was not a willing participant. Dave poisoned him with a poison of Saruva's invention and then kept Carlson supplied with temporary antidotes. There is no known permanent antidote and the temporary antidote's formula is unknown. Carlson is now in cyrogenic suspension at the PNDF while the problem is investigated.

PC's DataDump

After poring through the data recovered from Saruva's lab, PC prepared a briefing for the Protectors - Sting, Ka-Sador, Defender and the Wanderer. "I'd say we found where the MUSE-V is going to be relatively soon," she began.

"First, though. Saruva's experiments involved mutagenic compounds and accellerated growth. As near as I can tell, he needed the women as incubators for some kind of mutated life-form. It is unclear if this is the method used to create Jackal and Cheetah, but it is clear that he was expecting servants with exceptional abilities."

He was receiving some funding and support from something called The Net, and was, in exchange, performing some services for them. One of the services was to calculate a launch window to a specific orbit from a specific launch point with some specific vehicle parameters. He made those calculations and returned the data to the Net. The launch window is the first week of January, and the launch location is in the mountains outside of Port Alexander - north of Lake Godluch. The coordinates are extremely accurate and we can pinpoint precisely where the launch pad should be. That's my guess as to where the MUSE will be, and when."

"There is little other information about the Net, only that someone name Gauntlet seems to be fairly highly placed in the organization."

The heroes dispersed. They had been given much to think about.

Last Updated 10 October 2002