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Interlude Sixteen point Two, The Wanderer has an Idea

McNally and the Wanderer met in their usual coffee shop, and Wanderer asked McNally about the latest two killings.

"Our friend is definately involved. The street punks are running scared in the areas he most frequents," said McNally. "The chunk of docks where the killer is most commonly working has shown a step drop in street crime and most pushers/dealers avoid it entirely now." McNally was a little ambivalent. "I can't condone murder, of course, but these guys are slime. The world is better off without 'em for the most part, and the streets are a little safer for most folks. Still, it's wrong and I wish we could bring him in."

"Any leads? or patterns of striking?" asked the Wanderer over a cup of hot chocolate as he stirred the dark liquid with a french fry.

"No, dammit. Same MO as always: out of nowhere he strikes, sometimes against two or three armed punks at the same time. They all take daggers and he walks away clean," McNally slapped the table in frustration.

The Wanderer slurped his hot chocolate and asked "Still the same goop in the daggers?"

McNally nodded, "One of 'em. The other one got bare steel. That one also hit with more force. We're working on the assumption that he actually planted that one himself rather than throwing it."

"I imagine your cronies feel the same way you do about his choice of targets?" The Wanderer stuffed a couple of fries into his mouth and followed up as McNally paused. "Nobody is stepping up to be a decoy, eh?"

"Not yet, but just between you and me, some of the undercover boys are getting a little nervous."

"I can imagine. Maybe he needs a bigger fish to fry?" the Wanderer paused as the waitress ambled over and snapped her gum a few times while refilling McNally's mug. When she left, he continued "Think we can smoke him out? maybe put some word on the street about a new supplier in town?"

"Maybe, but his MO hits the street level. The only times it's gone up from there it's almost been by accident," said McNally. "Unless you know something I don't."

"Nah, he's sticking with the small fish so far," answered the Wanderer. "Maybe its time for me to become a businessman, you got some buddies in vice who want to buy what I'm selling?"

"Maybe," said McNally, "just maybe. Let me see what we can come up with."

"Goodie," exclaimed the Wanderer. "A couple of phony buys on the mean streets of Port Alexander, and maybe we'll get a visit."

"Call me next week, and we'll see what we can set up," said McNally.

Last Updated 17 October 2001