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Interlude Eleven point One, Exploring and Repairing the Eagles' Nest

After exploring the EAGLES' Nest, the heroes came to the rather unfortunate realization that they had no easy way out, and likewise no easy way back in.

From the console, someone could manually open the various security doors, but how could they lock them behind them? The heroes didn't seem inclined to let IPAC in whenever they felt like it.

Eventually, the White Knight found a temporary solution. Near the entrance at the warehouse, the tunnel had split, but the heroes had not investigated it. The maps indicated that this was an underwater entrance that let out about 12 meters down into the James River. Best of all, IPAC didn't know about it. The White Knight also found that the doors to the submarine pen were still functional, and when those were closed, the Nest was secure from a casual invasion by IPAC.

Getting in and out was therefore not a problem for the Wanderer, if he didn't mind getting damp. Fervor and the White Knight could borrow SCUBA gear for the short term.

	*		*		*
The Wanderer and the White Knight found themselves back at the Nest fairly quickly, and working to get the base functional. The Wanderer's ability to survive underwater was a great help in getting a patch on the hole in the vehicle dome, and once that was in place, the pumps were able to clear out the dome fairly quickly. There were a number of vehicles in the dome, but all had suffered by their extended immersion and would require repair work.

The White Knight concentrated on the security issues, and made an interesting discovery. The security systems and access cards were all coded to sigma radiation. He found a store of unactivated cards and was able to make up a few for the heroes. The cards, when activated, had biometric sensors, and if the user was validated, delivered a small pulse of coded sigma radiation. They also functioned as small but highly efficient scrambled radiophones. With the cards, the heroes were able to make use of the tunnel by the warehouse until they decided what to do with it.

They also discovered that Overlord's sub had aboard it a strange device, that extended on a flexible pole, something like a periscope, and had a broadcast dish attached to it. The White Knight's curiosity was aroused, but he was not able to immediately fathom the purpose of the device.

Last Updated 12 February 2001